At WONDR, we believe in supporting you with the topics that you’re most interested in and curious about.

As part of our service, we aim to present you with useful insights that are relevant, interesting and personal to you. We strive to ensure you don’t see anything inappropriate or spammy.

You play a key role in the community, so please take your time to read these guidelines and understand the contributions which we deem as unacceptable on the site.

WONDR is a platform built to form connections to collaborate with people towards meaningful goals and life ambitions - however big or small. We don't approve of any interactions that detract, deter or degrade people’s experiences towards these outcomes.

The main points

Nudity and sexual

Pornography or nudity which is of a sexually explicit nature is not allowed on WONDR. Please think twice about the relevance and nature of such material before you post it, as it will be removed. In particular, any evidence of child exploitation will be treated as a serious violation of our terms.

Violent or graphic

Do not post violent or gory content that either displays or encourages criminal or illegal acts, it has no place here.

Harmful or dangerous

Do not distribute any content that promotes or displays either dangerous or harmful material to others. Any content that threatens, celebrates, glorifies harm or shows threatening behaviour, such as terrorism or crime, will be considered a serious violation of our terms.

Harassment & Inappropriate Messages

We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. We are all here to learn and communicate with one another for the betterment of people and planet. We do not therefore expect any of our users to receive messages which for example comment on physical appearance.


Respect the proprietary rights of others. When bringing content into the site, ensure that you are contributing content that is from the original author/creator or owner. This means, do not copy, paraphrase or plagiarise anyone’s information and distribute it as your own without the appropriate agreement of the original proprietor. Where using our bookmarking functionality, ensure that any notes or other text attached by you to those bookmarks complies with these guidelines and, in particular but without limitation, do not misuse the bookmarking functionality so as to distribute any person’s copyright material outside the Site.

This is also not the place to promote any reference to websites, which distribute what should be paid content to other people free of charge.

Visit our terms and conditions for more information.


We absolutely do not support any hateful or threatening behaviour towards other individuals such as racism, sexual orientation or any other type of victimisation.