A proportion of our community come from a professional background and there is a chance that they will be able to submit a claim/request for the subscription fees to be covered by their employers’ Learning & Development fund.

This can be a really tricky question for learners to ask, especially if it is the first time they are asking for something like this. Here’s a template to help you, help them out 🙂

If you're joining the Monthly Membership:

Hi [Manager Name],

I recently applied for a membership with WONDR because they have an impressive training program that I feel could have a positive impact on my work and development at our company.

Their membership includes participation in 1:1 mentorship sessions, live events and workshops, on-demand access to content across all programs, deep-dive sessions, career development events, and a community of vetted peers to help me execute what I learn.

At WONDR, top leaders, entrepreneurs and practitioners from some of the best companies and organisations in the world, are sharing their valuable knowledge with program participants, including proven strategies.

Who's behind the programs? WONDR was partnered with leading practitioners from companies at the forefront of building businesses of the future. Organisations like Mastercard, Volcom, Fortune 500 companies, United Nations, Google as well as Startups and grassroots industry professionals scaling their own careers and businesses.

What does the WONDR community look like? WONDR has over 10,000 members from companies around the world tackling environmental and social issues whilst building profitable and forward-thinking businesses.

What's the cost? A monthly subscription is priced at £39.99 per person [£214.99 for six months, £384.99 for a year]. If two other team members want to participate, we each receive a £50 discount for the year, per person.

I believe a WONDR membership is an important step in my career development and knowledge, and that it will increase my impact at our company.

WONDR’s frameworks, live events, and discussions with other practitioners will help improve my performance, making the membership a worthy investment for both myself and the company.

Reimbursement Tips

Any unanswered questions, email [email protected] to ask anything so that we can help you with this decision.